The 8 of March is the International Women's Day.

Lets celebrate!
This year the 8 of March falls to Thursday. It's become a good tradition of the Studio to celebrate this special day.
You might not know that the 8 of March is the International Women's Day. In Russia, it is one of the major holidays and the analog of Canadian Mother's Day. It is the triumph of Femininity, Motherhood and Spring!!!
Also, the 8 of March falls to Full Moon - the symbol of fertility. Ancient people and many modern Goddess-worship religions have been using the time of Full Moon for women's gathering and honoring their Sacred Femininity.
So why don't we celebrate this Special Day too?!
Here is what I am planing to arrange:

Creating the spacial atmosphere in the room (decorating it with fabrics, shawls, scarfs, flowers and candles)
Creating the most beautiful and feminine costume for each of us (we will bring what ever we have and share)
Special group Dance to honor Sacred Femininity
Dances or just small combos, performed by each of group, individuals and The Performance team (we have 3 classes to work it out)
Tea-drinking (potluck)
Photo-session (remember: we will all be in our best outfit)

More ideas are welcome!!!
Volunteers needed to help with set-up and clean-up stages.

Where: Chinese Cultural Centre
When: March 8, Thursday from 5.30 to 9.00 pm (including the set-up and clean-up)
Cover: $10+ something for tea

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Video from "Summer Solstice celebration" show

Hi everybody,

I have finally finished DVD with all 12 dances that we enjoyed at the concert. If you are interested in buying DVD, it is available for 15 CAD. I can also make BlueRay disks which have way better quality of video, but I am not able to put any menu for choosing individual dances on those. Here is trailer for this DVD.

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