Yoga class

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Strength and flexibility, breath and meditation, dance and silence are all organically interwoven into the canvas of the class.

Core Connextion Class

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Core Connexion Transformational Arts is a dance and movement practice created by Eva Vigran (MA. Psych).

"In this dance we can reconnect with aliveness, and creative potential that lies at the core of all us - at the core of all living beings. As with everything i life, all beings, cells and atoms are always moving, all the time. In fact, movement in the most natural expression of life itself. Our bodies have the ability to remember the flow of life energy, The studio becomes a place for meditation, a playground for insight into movement and life patters, an opportunity to expand our movement repertoire, and to reclaim our aliveness." (Eva Vigran)

Teens Belly Dancing

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Teenagers LOVE this dance! They enjoy dynamic choreographies, sparkly costumes, cool movements, and catchy music. Belly Dancing class is not only fun and enjoyable. This class offers lots of important benefits to teenage girls. First of all, it gives them the feelings of empowerment and joy, contributing to body acceptance. This is vital to every woman…especially young women who is going through puberty!  In addition, Belly Dance will get teens off their iPhones encouraging physical fitness, social skill development and friendship building!

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Moms&Babies Belly Dancing

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This class is specially created for new Mothers and their babies. The moderate pace of the instructions, soothing music, nursing-friendly atmosphere, and sense of community make moms and babies comfortable and calm.

The movements of Belly dancing are ideal for young mothers. This dance not only helps them to return to their bodies  and loose the weight gained during pregnancy and the first months of breast feeding, but also  strengthens the abdominal muscles , tones the skin, reduces the intensity of hormonal jumps, and  regulate the work of the reproductive and digestive organs. And don’t forget about those horrible “muffin tops” – the belly dancing movements will take them out of your life pretty fast!

There is one more advantage in comparison with the gym or other types of fitness.  Belly Dancing is very sensual and graceful art. After months of feeling clumsy and awkward women reconnect with their sexuality, relearning how to appreciate and feel their bodies.

Recommended age of babies for this group is from 1 month to the moment when the baby becomes too mobile for Mom to focus the class. But all babies are different. Come and try! First class is free!

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Belly Dancing Level 1 (Basic)

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This class will set your foundation for the dance. Step by step you will learn all the basic movements, variations, combinations, anatomy, timing and vocabulary of Belly Dancing. The focus is on developing alignment, strength & stamina needed for this art. Drills, isolations, basic choreography, and a veil dance are also explored. The program of the class includes breathing exercises and yoga technique helping the students to reach better understanding of the movements and body awareness. Usually, it takes 3-5 sessions to cover the program of  the Basic Level.

what you will learn in this class:

  • health benefits of belly dancing
  • feeling good about your body
  • basic female anatomy
  • safety rules
  • basic stance
  • basic symbols of belly dancing
  • 3 planes of movements
  • symbolical meaning of belly dancing movements
  • basic movements , variations, and combinations
  • basic  traveling steps
  • basic shimmies
  • rhythm and timing
  • relaxation and breathing techniques
  • basic choreography
  • veil dance

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Belly Dancing Level 2 (Intermediate)

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These classes are for those dancers who would like to explore belly dancing on a deeper level. This includes not only technical but also emotional and expressive part of dancing. The students continue to polish the basic belly dancing technique gradually adding more and more sophisticated movements, steps and combination, as well as making their first steps in improvisation and self-expression through dancing. They gain skills and confidence in solo performance dancing is a circle of their sister-dancers, and performing at studio’s annual year-end concert. Solid knowledge of the basic technique is required for this level.

what you will learn in this class:

  • intermediate movements , variations, and combinations
  • intermediate traveling steps
  • diagonal combinations
  • dance geometry
  • improvisational dance: 4 elements dance, 5 rhythms
  • solo dance in a circle
  • intermediate  shimmies
  • intermediate veil dance movements
  • basic layering of the movements
  • pelvic floor muscles engagement
  • meditative dance
  • basic Arabic rhythms
  • multi-part dance routine

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Belly Dancing Level 3 ( Advanced)

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The goal of this class is to master the advanced technique. The students will continue to improvise to different rhythms  and styles of music. However, the focus is on practicing layering movements as well as traveling with them, advanced foot patterns, turns, and spotting. We will learn how to play cymbals and tambourines, and dance with them. The students will also improve their performing skills,  and create their own combinations and solo choreographies with the opportunity to present them at studio’s year-end concert. Completion of Intermediate Level is required for taking this course. All students of  Level 3 class are welcome to participate in choreography class.

what you will learn in this class:

  • advanced movements , variations, and combinations
  • advanced diagonal combinations
  • turns and spotting
  • playing cymbals and tambourines and dancing with them
  • performing skills
  • advanced foot patterns
  • layering movements
  • creating combinations and choreographies
  • spinning/turning
  • advanced veil techniques
  • story telling through dance
  • pelvic floor engagement

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Belly Dancing Choreography

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This class is for everyone who would like to learn a choreography. All experienced dancers are encouraged to explore a choreographed dances from time to time. It brings better understanding of the concept of belly dancing as a performing art as long as the great enjoyment and fun! There is no mandatory to perform although the students who are interested in joining the Performance Team are more than welcome to come and talk about this opportunity with Galina. Several choreographed dances will be taught trough the year, some of them are brand new, some are older. All of them have being created by Galina, and all the elements and combinations are taught in Advanced and Intermediate Classes. Therefore, to attend one of those classes in addition to choreography class is highly recommended.

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Healing Belly Dancing

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In this class we focus on the healing aspect of Belly Dancing. Performing basic belly dancing movement the students will be encouraged to pay genuine attention to what is going on inside of the body, and how the movements actually influence the body and the soul.  Specially designed exercises will lead the participants to better understanding of the process of healing, connection to their feminine essence and revealing their natural beauty.This class is recommended for everyone who wants to go deeper than a fitness aspect of the dance:

  • Beginners will get a perfect entering to the world of ancient art of belly dancing
  • Experienced dancers will discover the power of sacred connection to their bodied
  • Dance&movement practitioners will gain deeper understanding of the belly movements
  • Expectant mothers will reach genuine contact with their rapidly changing bodies and the babies inside, as well as prepare to the labor
  • Young ladies will explore the realm of sacred femininity where the female body is respected, loved and blessed, will make themselves comfortable in this world
  • Golden aged ladies will learn how to connect, understand and enjoy their bodies through dance - the most natural way of physical activity

what you will learn at this class

  • basic belly dancing movements
  • 7 symbols of belly dancing
  • 3 planes of movements
  • breathing techniques
  • relaxation techniques
  • meditation techniques
  • combination of belly dancing with chakra dance
  • pelvic floor muscles engagement in belly dancing

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