Belly Dancing Level 3 ( Advanced)

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The goal of this class is to master the advanced technique. The students will continue to improvise to different rhythms  and styles of music. However, the focus is on practicing layering movements as well as traveling with them, advanced foot patterns, turns, and spotting. We will learn how to play cymbals and tambourines, and dance with them. The students will also improve their performing skills,  and create their own combinations and solo choreographies with the opportunity to present them at studio‚Äôs year-end concert. Completion of Intermediate Level is required for taking this course. All students of  Level 3 class are welcome to participate in choreography class.

what you will learn in this class:

  • advanced movements , variations, and combinations
  • advanced diagonal combinations
  • turns and spotting
  • playing cymbals and tambourines and dancing with them
  • performing skills
  • advanced foot patterns
  • layering movements
  • creating combinations and choreographies
  • spinning/turning
  • advanced veil techniques
  • story telling through dance
  • pelvic floor engagement

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