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What you wear to the class?

Your clothing should be comfortable. A wide skirt or loose oriental pants are great. A short top is preferable – you will get better idea about your belly is doing there - but if you do not feel ready to open your belly yet it is OK too. Maybe, you will do it later.

Wear some dancing clothing that inspires you! Belly Dance class is the place where we nourish our femininity, beauty and grace. If we look feminine we feel feminine, and if we feel feminine our movements become more graceful and facile. Looking at your gorgeous outfit in the mirror, you will enjoy yourself more and, therefore, succeed faster. Unleash your imagination and create your own Belly Dance costume. Wrap yourself in a silky scarf with your favorite ornament on it, wear your most beautiful jewelery which you love but do not have many occasions to wear to.

Where to buy belly dance costume?

You can buy one at one of several stores around the city or make your own (see the helping instructions here). I am offering some dancing clothing for sale as well. 

Tips on how to make most of  out of your Belly Dancing class

  • It is recommended to restrain from eating heave food within at least 1.5 hours before class. Full stomach can make you feel uncomfortable while performing some belly movements.
  • Try your best to be on time. It is vital to give oneself extra time to prepare for the class mentally and emotionally, to change, and to find a good spot in the room. At the beginning of the class we do breathing exercises which are meant to help brining our awareness inside, calming the mind and relaxing the body. We all come to the class from different environments - somebody had a stressful day, somebody is exhausted after running back and forth– so we need several minutes to bring ourselves to Here and Now, to tune to others and to prepare for listening to our bodies. Therefore, try not to miss the beginning of the class.
  • During the class try different ways of learning: following for the instructions, imitating teacher's movements, memorizing the combos, checking your movement in the mirror form different prospective. It is also advised to change your position in the room from class to class so you could have various views of the teacher's movements and your own movements in the mirror.
  • After the class, review the movements you have just learn. Even a quick mental review of the sequence of all the movements and exercises that you did during the class makes a huge difference. You can do it at your car on the way home or before going to sleep. However, spending half an hour or more a week practicing at home is recommended for those students who want to progress at a faster pace.

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