Welcome to Eastern Dance Studio!

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Our belly dancing studio was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2007. The inspiring and friendly atmosphere encourages the students to express their creativity, reveal various talents and contribute to personal growth.

Belly dancing classes in Eastern Dance Studio are specially created to help women to feel,  understand, and appreciate their feminine essence  through belly dancing, and therefore gain deeper contact to themselves, their bodies and their Spirits.

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Our teaching philosophy

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We believe that this dance is alchemical by its nature. With a certain intention and understanding of a dancer it has a potential to transform one's life significantly.We approach belly dancing not only as an artistic way of self-expression but also as a sacred form of dance which began as a childbirth ritual and played a vital role in ancient times. We see this dance as a source of courage, inspiration, and motivation to discover oneself on a deeper level. Through this dance we learn to open ourselves far beyond blind imitation.

by Galina Busova

Every woman who dared to explore the beautiful
and mysterious world of Belly Dance will find her own fruits
of this dance. It is like a chest with treasures hidden inside.

A miraculous chest

Once upon a time a woman walked down a road and found a small chest. It was beautifully decorated with carving and inlay, and the woman was  thinking about taking the chest home. However, it was locked, and there was no trace of a key around, so the woman left the casket as it is and went on.

Nobody knows for how long the chest was staying in the dust but one day another woman spotted it. This lady was curious what was inside. She took the box to a master who helped her to open the chest. The content of the box looked marvelous! Exquisite jewelery and elegant dresses were there in plenty. The lucky lady began to wear all these wonderful things and soon became a real beauty. Many good men were asking her in marriage and very soon she got married with a man of her life.

Submerged in domestic life the woman soon forgot about the chest and looked back on it only when her daughter grew up. " This chest will help you to find a good match" , she said to her daughter handing over the chest. However, the young girl had not been thinking about marriage yet. She was curious about life and her own journey, and still, the content of the chest intrigued her. She put aside the jewelry and the clothing which determined her mother's fate, and found out that underneath there were lots  of other interesting and useful feminine things: medicines for remaining young and healthy, amulets for fertility and child-bearing, herbs for balancing the energy, and dozens of ancient books with recipes and wise advices about woman's life.

For several years the bright lady was studying those books, and finally, the chest revealed its most precious gift. At the very bottom of the chest the real treasure was hidden: diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, and garnets! What a miraculous chest! How many more secrets do you keep?

What is unique about our classes:

  • We do not compare, evaluate or compete
  • We dance and share in a circle to create an atmosphere of trust, support, and sisterhood in the group
  • We often dance without  mirrors to encourage our dancers to develop the sense of inner mirror, increase body awareness  and draw all the attention to the healing process of dancing
  • We use a unique sequence of exercises during the class to make most beneficial for the body
  • We learn breathing and relaxation technique techniques
  • We explore the symbolism, history, and spirituality of  belly dancing
  • We use different ways of self-discovery and self-expression: such as meditation, visual arts, and dance-movement therapy
  • We get together into women's circles to share our life-experiences, insights and spiritual growth
  • We include inner muscles into our dance
  • We encourage all our students to discover there own unique style of dancing and to create their own choreographies.

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