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" Dancing classes at Eastern Dance Studio with Galina as an instructor will be a perfect choice for those women who are looking for both exercise, which will keep them fit, and a chance to discover their beautiful, graceful and seductive inner selves. This is how I feel about these classes.

The instructor pays careful attention to every individual in her class, never leaving you alone to struggle with one move or another. The pace of the class is always adjusted to the learning pace of Galina’s students.

The whole atmosphere (very well-selected music, beautiful costumes, coin belts’ jingling, the instructor’s calm and supportive teaching manner) helps you relax and concentrate on the dance.

Not only does Galina excellently demonstrate the movements and teach them, but she also introduces the philosophy of the dance to her students. As a result, you find yourself understanding that every movement in the eastern dance is very natural for a female body and this realization somehow miraculously helps you perform much more successfully.

Ever since I started taking these classes, they have become the most anticipated pastime of the week, and I am sure the instructor should take credit for this."

Svetlana F.

"I discovered Galina at my daughter's shower where one of her bridesmaids hired Galina teach a group of young girls - plus the mother of the bride - how to belly dance.  I had taken belly dancing before at my community centre but I learned more in that hour and a half with Galina than I did in the 8 weeks course.  Since September 2011 my body has become firmer while dropping 6 pounds.  Flexibility has always been important to me especially as I am in my mid fifties and the constant stretching done in the class certainly helps with this.  Watching Galina dance with the grace and confidence she eludes inspires me to to imitate her while releasing the hidden dancer within my own body. Her class combines dance with fitness and self discipline with fun!"
Cindy W.

"I am grateful I signed up for Galina's bellydance class. The instructions are very clear; the pace of the class is comfortable. Bellydance is a great exercise for the body though you don't feel it when you are dancing.  My personal achievement in the class is that I finally can dance without looking in the mirror every second!"
Maria M.

"I joined the class almost 4 years ago. I did not know anything about Belly Dancing.

I cannot say that this type of dance comes naturally for me. But Im really happy I tried it, and I enjoy it very much.

It is a very unique and very feminine way to stay toned, to learn more about your body and to unwind.

Galina, the instructor, makes the atmosphere even more enjoyable with her warm energy, talent and welcoming attitude.

After busy working day with 1001 thoughts in my mind I sometimes need to push myself to spend extra couple of hours in class However after the class I feel like I never had that busy day and 1001 thoughts somehow do not seem like a big deal anymore.

Thank you once again for the wonderful and enjoyable class! I've noticed how passionate you are about this field of dance and that very passion just glows on your face when you dance and makes you more beautiful. Thank you once again, its really an honor to be a part of this group. :)

Jennah A.

With the wish of good health and happiness."

Svetlana B.

"This class was a fantastic experience – I was able to strengthen my muscles and improve my body awareness, coordination, and flexibility. I found myself looking forward to class each week, as a fun way to get my heart pumping and shimmy my hips. I would certainly recommend this class to anyone wanting to experience the challenge and fun of belly dancing."


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