Add Dance to your event!

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Entertain your guests by adding our eye-catching dances performed by our special team to your event!
Bridal Shower, Birthday Parties, Shows, Festivals and Corporate Events - you name it!

Here are some photos and videos for you to taste.

"Up All Night" (720p HD)

"Emerald Forest" (720p HD)

 Shahrazad  (720p HD)

Desert of Roses (720p HD)

Aquarius (720p HD)

Fire Dance (720p HD)

Contact Galina to book a dance for your event. We will show you video of all dances available for you choose.

Questions we will need answers to:

  1. How many dancers would you like to see in each dance?
    we have 5 dancers in our Performance Team.
  2. How many dances would you like?
    Typically it is difficult to perform dances one after another for the same dancer because each dance needs it's own costume.
  3. Will you facilitate audio playback? Or shell we do it?
  4. When and where will we perform for you?
  5. What floor size will be allocated for out performance?

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